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Welded rather than sewn seams are the

only way make 100% waterproof backpacks.

We WELD the seams of a highly polyurethane

coated nylon fabric to form liners. These  liners

are then sewn into our packs using the welded 

tabs. By using a liner on the inside, we can

give you more cycling specific features for your 

pack on the outside, like blinker mounts, pockets,

pocket attachment points, compression straps and

u-lock holsters. These liners also contain large

welded velcro panels to attach padded accessory

pouches to protect and secure your digital world.




Behind the Scenes - Escape from Stone Alvaro on Vimeo.

Made in USA



  Designs for our waterproof backpacks and panniers are created in Autocad to ensure an

 exact fit. Multiple prototypes are then made

 and Urban tested until we are happy with every detail of our Made in Seattle  gear.








  Once a pack is finalized, a marker  is created and multiple layers of fabric are cut with 

 a stack cutter. These cut pieces are bundled with webbing and buckles, delivered to 

 home sewers and sewn into the individual parts.







  The parts from the home sewers are picked up and go through a QC  procedure at our Seattle 

 workshop. Our In-House sewers take these parts and sew them into  complete waterproof backpacks

 for each order, Proudly attach the Made In America label and sign the individual serial #.







  Lastly we insert the EV 50 foam back pad and HDPE framesheet, attach the waistbelt, perform   

 the final Quality control and put the final initials on the serial #.  Small controlled production

 runs like this guarantee you get the highest quality pack to protect your laptop and  gear.






We are Velotransit from velotransit on Vimeo.

Lifetime Warranty



The best Warranty is a Well Made Backpack


 For this reason we use the best materials and construction techniques available

to create our Velo Transit Waterproof Backpacks and Panniers. Small runs, double stitched seams,

bar-tacked stress points and multiple QC checks by us go into Building each and every

Velo Transit product. If you wash your pack occasionally and don't

drag it over pavement or throw it under a busyou stand an excellent chance of never

having to use this warranty.Your laptop is more than just a tool, it is  your life book.

Make an investment in Waterproof  Backpacks or Panniers Made in Seattle to keep it safe.

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