Edge 30 Waterproof Cycling Backpack

 The Edge series cycling laptop backpacks are our most popular commuter packs. Nylon exterior panels are exceedingly durable, and a waterproof welded liner and flexible, tailored harness system keeps your belongings dry and secure on your toughest commute. 2,250+ cu. in. of capacity carries all of your essentials without extra bulk, and multiple accessory pockets keep your tools, gloves, and electronics separated so you spend less time digging through your pack.

  • 100% waterproof sonic-welded liner completely protects the interior of the pack 
  • An available accessory laptop pouch  with ½” Evazote closed-cell foam protects your laptop by absorbing vibration and impact
  • Full length, zippered pocket for your tablet or e-reader
  • Volumetric tool pocket for separating cycling essentials from your other gear
  • Flat valuables pocket for keys and wallet
  • Top zippered pocket is 100% waterproof with the Storm Shield down for electronics
  • Hi-Vis Storm Shield tucks away when not in use and zips down when needed for additional rain protection
  • Side panels have attachment webbing for a choice of multiple accessory side pockets 
  • 3-D Mesh back panel and ergonomic shoulder pads enhance comfort and stability and prevent load shifting
  • Available in Men's Medium and Large and Women's Small for a custom fit
  • Men's Size Chart
  • Harnesses & Back panels
  • Returns
  • Volume: Men's M/L: 2,000+ cu. in. Women’s S: 1,750+ cu. in.

    Weight: Men's M/L: 3 lbs. 6 oz. Women’s S: 3 lbs. 4 oz.

    Materials: 500-D Cordura sides, 1000-D Tex Nylon bottom and front, Hypalon reinforcement


    Welded rather than sewn seams are the only way to make 100% waterproof backpacks.We WELD the seams of 210D nylon airline life vest fabric to create waterproof liners for our packs and panniers..These  liners are then sewn into our packs using the welded tabs.By using waterproof liners on the inside, we can give you more cycling specific features for your pack on the outside, like blinker mounts,pockets, pocket attachment points, compression straps and u-lock holsters. These liners also contain large welded velcro panels to attach padded laptoppouches to protect and secure your digital world.

    Hideaway Stormshield

    We incorporate a grey or yellow hideaway zippered Stormshield to protect the exterior pockets. Although this does not make the pockets waterproof, experience shows us even a prolonged rainstorm wil do little more than dampen the bottom of the bottom pocket.

    Superior Fit

    Sized and gender specific ergonomic harnesses ensure asuperior Fit

    Reviews for Edge 30 Waterproof Cycling Backpack
    5 out of 5, based on 22 reviews
    Hermes from Boston, MA on Jun 20, 2018
    I have been using this pack for my daily commute for the past 3 years. It is exceptional. The construction is hardy and my stuff stays dry when it rains. I love love this bag. Super high recommendation!!
    Commuter Guy from Eugene OR on Apr 23, 2018
    This backpack is the best! Made to order in the USA quality can be seen immediately when you begin to add your belongings inside the waterproof section and the many zippered pockets. Rainfly is a necessity when raining and works as designed. Shoulder and hip straps built with comfort, durability, and function in mind. It looks great too! Nice to custom order colors for added personal touch along with perfect sizing options when using the sizing chart. Well done! I highly recomend this backpack!
    DPotts from New York & Philly on May 15, 2017
    I love my VT edge 30. I got it for urban commuting and it's perfect. Cover it in the rain & wind and lots of pockets to organize my stuff, carry gym clothes and fit my laptop. It makes this teacher very happy! When I'm not using it for work I pack it for travel- right on the plane, no issues and has plenty of room for all I need for a get away. The liner makes it super easy to clean when I have my clumsy moments.

    I can adjust the straps for the outer gear I'm wearing and it doesn't kill my back like most other packs. It's perfect for my small frame too. I'm about 5'4 on tall days and this pack doesn't pull me down and fits comfortably.

    I'm so glad I made the investment and can support a small business at the same time. Excellent customer service too!!
    Stephen Boyd from MInneapolis, MN on Aug 29, 2015
    This is a very early initial review. My Black Edge 30 arrived on Thursday. I typically only commute to work every other day because it's 42 miles round trip and I'm not the young buck I used to be. I had ridden on Thursday so Friday should have been on off day. With the pack arriving I figured I needed to get a test ride in to I cheated and did my bike/light rail/bike route both ways which shrinks it down to 25 miles round trip.

    Initial observations are that it is a fantastically comfortable pack. I had it loaded up pretty good with my u-lock, iPad, 3/4# blue tooth speaker, tools and extra layers as well as the hip pack I typically wore with my previous pack because it didn't have a lot of organization options. Pack performed spectacularly. No unwanted movement and extremely comfortable.

    I'm very pleased so far and may provide a more thorough review after I get a few more miles on it.
    Jenny Shu from San Francisco, CA on Apr 24, 2015
    I bought the Edge 30, women's small May 2013 and this backpack has stood up to the elements and more. I commute/travel by bike 6 days a week and my pack has seen its share of rain, dirt, and action.

    I change at work after commuting on my bike and I need my clothes to be dry when I get to the office. In San Francisco winter rainy months, not a drop of water gets into the main compartment. On lighter rain days, I don't always put down the rain cover and mostly everything still stays dry but if the cover is down, then I have yet to have small eletronics or wallet get wet in the front top flat pocket. The rain flap is great for visibility at night and of course, in the rain!

    I take my bag everywhere I go after work if I'm not going straight home and it has stood the abuse of being on the floor of public transit, bars, restaurants, and parks. The fabric is very sturdy and easy to wipe down.

    The long pocket that runs the length of the length between the two front pockets & main compartment is the perfect place to store my lock. I keep my gloves, ear warmers and tire levers in the bottom front pocket. My wallet and keys and other essentials go in the top front pocket, which is very easy to get to.

    The main compartment is big enough for a decent trip to the grocery store, and because the liner is waterproof... if anything spills or breaks inside, you can easily wipe it down clean. (yes, I've had to do this!)

    Don't be fooled that one-size fits all! I'm a small-framed 5'3" female and while I could find waterproof bags, finding a waterproof bag was always a challenge! The Edge 30 women's small is perfect for daily commute, an overnight bag, carry-on for the airplane or a trip to the grocery store. I rarely leave home without it... even when I'm not biking!
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