Velo Orange Pass Hunter Front Rack with Integrated Decaleur

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This is small front rack fits most bikes with canti brakes. It's perfect for a handlebar bag, featuring an integrated decaleur. The "backstop" accepts either a U-shaped plug, or a VO decaleur bag mount (both pieces are included). The advantage to this system is your rack-decaleur combination is more solid, lighter, and less likely to rattle. Integration is the Holy Grail of constucteur bikes, and we feel that these racks a big step in that direction. 

They are made from polished tubular stainless steel, and they have eyelets for lights and a fender mount. The weight is about 250gm.

Most tradtional-style medium size bags work perfectly with this rack (any bag around 20cm tall), but very tall or short bags may not.

Special double-ended canti-mounting bolts are included. (Mounting a rack to to Paul Component canti brakes requires the Paul Components rack bolts and spacers.)

Note: We've set the arm angle to fit the majority of bikes, but some frames with unusually large tire clearance may require bending the mounting arms down a little. Also, when using the decaleur also secure the handlebar bag with a strap or elastic to ensure that it doesn't "jump off" the decaleur should you hit a big bump.

Rack Type Front
Finish Polished
Material Stainless Steel
Weight 250g
Manufacturer Velo Orange
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