Tumbler Side Pocket

Velo Transit

The Coffee Tumbler pocket attaches to the side pocket attachment points on either side of the pack. It is adjustable on the sides and length to fit a variety of different coffee tumblers, up to the largest Starbucks makes. It fits quite snug in the pocket and is very stable on the pack. We venture to say it would probably would not fall out even if your pack fell off at speed.

It easily mounts to the side pocket attachment system on the side of every Velo Transit pack and the Metro 20 and Retro 20 panniers.

It fits on the side of Metro 20 pannier.

Reviews for Tumbler Side Pocket
5 out of 5, based on 3 reviews
SpikedLemon from Canada on Sep 10, 2015
Been using this for many years to bring my coffee into work. I've used it on both my motorcycle & bicycle without any issues. I have a pair of them (one on each side). It's brilliant and works very well.
Logan Falley from Boca Raton, FL USA on Apr 23, 2013
Works and looks great!
Elaine Alexander from Albuquerque, NM USA on Nov 24, 2012
Super adjustable - definitely secures any size drink. I'm a fan.

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