Trekker 20 Waterproof Rear Pannier

The Trekker 20 pannier is a lighter weight pannier based on the  Metro 20. The modular design lets you add additional side  pockets for more volume.

  • You get a nice interior open stash and mesh valuables pocket on the inside, to help you further organize your gear.
  • A mesh front stash pocket is great for drying clothes or keeping handy items handy..
  • The "Klick Fix" hardware will mount to various sized racks from 8-14mm tubing. This German made hardware is both strong and secure with its' manual locking system.
  • A quick-release shoulder carry strap tucks away neatly in the front zippered pocket and attaches directly to buckles on the sides.
  • The Trekker 20 Pannier is sold as a single bag.
  • Returns
  • Weight: 2 lb. 5 oz./ flat pocket
  • Weight: 2 lb. 7 oz./ padded laptop pocket
  • Voulume: 1100 cu. in., 18 liters

Waterproof, Modular and Secure

Velotransit panniers are made with RF welded waterproof liners.

Customize your pannier

Multiple accessories are available to customize your pannier for your specific needs. From water bottle pockets to laptop pouches, there are more than a dozen accessories you can choose from. 

Reviews for Trekker 20 Waterproof Rear Pannier
5 out of 5, based on 2 reviews
Jim from Bend, Oregon on Apr 05, 2017
I have a pair of the Treker 20 rear panniers and they're the best panniers I've owned in my 30+ years of touring. Built for stout, waterproof and hold a ton of gear. Extremely durable and they mount and stay rock solid on the rack. The mounting gear is spot on. When not touring I use them around town for everything from grocery shopping to bringing home a couple of my favorite growlers of IPA. Made in the USA and they blow away their plastic looking imported competitors in all regards! Once I placed my order the panniers arrived quickly.
Barrie K. Bentley from Dayton, Ohio on May 19, 2015
I am pleased to report that I am 100+% satisfied with the Trekker 20 Rear Panniers which I recently purchased from Velo Transit. My wife and I have just returned from a 200 mile self contained trip on the Ohio / Erie Towpath trail.. We rode on wet and dry pavement - rough and smooth, limestone, gravel, and dirt, the panniers remainder securely attached with zero bounce or wiggle to the rear rack through out. Also, I experienced no heel bump when carrying full bags Speaking of full bags, the interior space was more than adequate for this four day sojourn! After a day of ridding, the panniers were very easy to remove AND all items inside were DRY!! At one point, my wife had bike issues, so I put her rear panniers on my rear rack and put the Trekker 20s on my front rack and rode 25 miles with absolutely no issue!! The Trekker 20 "Rear"(?) Panniers, are a great addition to my touring Bike Friday!!!!

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