Retro 20 Waterproof Rear Pannier

You can rest assured your gear will remain dry in a waterproof Retro 20 Pannier. The modular design lets you add additional side and front pockets for more volume.

  • You get a nice interior open stash and mesh valuables pocket on the inside, to help you further organize your gear or choose the optional laptop pouch.
  • Side compression straps keep your load secure and a front zippered pocket is a perfect place to store your lock.
  • The "Klick Fix" hardware will mount to various sized racks from 8-14mm tubing. This German made hardware is both strong and secure with its' manual locking system.
  • A quick-release shoulder carry strap tucks away neatly in the front zippered pocket and attaches directly to buckles on the sides.
  • The Retro 20 Pannier is sold as a single piece and can be mounted on either the right or left side of your bike rack.
  • Returns
  • Weight: 2 lb. 11 oz./ flat pocket
  • Weight: 2 lb. 13 oz./ padded laptop pocket
  • Voulume: 1100 cu. in., 18 liters


Waterproof, Modular and Secure

Velotransit panniers are made with RF welded waterproof liners.

Customize your pannier

Multiple accessories are available to customize your pannier for your specific needs. From water bottle pockets to laptop pouches, there are more than a dozen accessories you can choose from. 

Reviews for Retro 20 Waterproof Rear Pannier
5 out of 5, based on 5 reviews
ADAM G from Denver, CO on May 05, 2017
10mi ride to work every day, this panniers holds all of my bike tools rain gear, lunch and change of clothes. Easy mount on and off the bike, great construction!
nam tran from san francisco on Mar 03, 2016
Great Pannier! The mounting system is easy to use, and very secure. They look nicer than the Ortliebs (not a fan of the plasticky material), and the pockets are nice.

One feature I would like would be some reflective bits.
Dan Robinette from Portland on May 09, 2015
I've used two of these bags for about a year now. I commute to work (10 miles, round trip) carrying BIG loads every day: old, *heavy* 17" laptop, lunch, papers, rain gear, clothing, tools, and lots of random items. The bags handle oversize loads well and show no wear. The waterproofing works great. The quick latches hold well and make it easy to lift the bags off my rear rack. I have used one, occasionally, as a shoulder bag. The strap is adequate for short walks. I've used many panniers and packs over my commuting career (20+ years) and these are my favorite, by far.
Elliott Sidey from San Francisco, CA on Apr 28, 2015
I have a 15 mile round trip commute to and from work in SF. Tough bag, solid construction, buckles and straps are great, interior has just enough grippy-ness, the "Klick-Fix" hardware connection to your bike rack is top notch. Connection to my blackburn rack is super solid, I can hit huge potholes or have to slam on my brakes and I've never felt this bag shift or bounce once... I rode with this pannier loaded down with my video gear and it performed great. Adjustable to hold just some clothes or an entire video kit (if organized neatly ;) I will certainly be buying another bag so I can evenly distribute weight on my bike.
Paul from Lexington, KY on Apr 27, 2015
I bought my coffee Retro 20 in early 2014 and have used it all through the last year. I am thoroughly pleased with the quality of the product. I commute to work a couple miles each way on a flatbar commuter bike and hang it on a Topeak Super Tourist DX rear Pannier frame. I load my computer, thermos, and a couple of files in the inner pocket and smaller items like wallet, bike pump, pens, etc. in the outer pocket. The pack sits securely on the frame and I've had no issues of it coming loose, swinging into my foot when I go over bumps, and although I thought it might rub the back of my leg when I pedal, it doesn't. The quality of the Retro 20 shows in that there are no loose threads anywhere on the pack like typical lower quality packs without good finished seams. The adjustments make it easy to really fill it completely with both hard and soft items. Finally, the best thing about moving from commuting with a backpack to a pannier is that it gets that load off my back and puts it low on the bike so it seems much easier to ride with a heavy pack..and I don't have sweat dripping down my back from the backpack. This is a great product.

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