Phone Pocket

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Redesigned for 2014, the Phone Pocket attaches to your shoulder strap for easy access to your phone.
It includes metro/ credit card slot. Velcro top closure secures contents. Elastic sides allow this phone pocket to expand to Samsung S4 with normal case. Mounts to all Velo Transit packs.

Reviews for Phone Pocket
5 out of 5, based on 3 reviews
Mike Lear from Richmond, VA USA on May 10, 2013
I love it. So well put together. Awesome design.
Dak Suangka from Antioch, IL USA on May 03, 2013
It is so very convenient to have my phone right there at my left chest pocket. It keeps my cell dry in the rain as well.
Margaretta Sangree from Cambridge, MA USA on Feb 17, 2013
Works well with the VT pack, and others as well I'm sure. Better made than many of the others out there. Be aware though that you have to be able to unthread the shoulder strap buckle in order to put it on the shoulder strap (not a big problem with the VT pack, but could be a problem with other packs). I like it!
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