P-Clamps for Fender Attachment

These rubber cushioned P-clamps can be used to mount fenders on bikes that lack dropout eyelets. The 1/2" (12mm) size fit most forks and the 3/8" (9.5mm) fit most seat stays, but you might measure to be certain. They can also be used on the chain stay bridge if it lacks a fender-bolt hole. 

The price is for one clamp.

Metric equivelent sizes: 1-1/4" = 31.5mm, 1"= 25.4mm, 7/8"=22.2mm, 3/4"=19.1mm, 5/8"=15.9mm, 1/2"= 12.7mm, 3/8"=9.5mm, 1/4"=6.4mm

Manufacturer Velo Orange
Material Rubber, Stainless Steel