Edge 40 Waterproof Laptop Cycling Backpack

 The Edge series urban laptop backpacks are our most popular commuter packs. The Edge 40 is the big brother to the Edge 30 with an extra 1" depth in the side panels. Nylon exterior panels are exceedingly durable, and a waterproof welded liner and flexible, tailored harness system keeps your belongings dry and secure on your toughest commute. 2,250+ cu. in. of capacity carries all of your essentials without extra bulk, and multiple accessory pockets keep your tools, gloves, and electronics separated so you spend less time digging through your pack.

  • 100% waterproof radio frequency welded liner completely protects the interior of the pack

  • An available accessory laptop pouch  with ½” Evazote closed-cell foam protects your laptop by absorbing vibration and impact

  • Full length, zippered pocket for your tablet or e-reader

  • Volumetric tool pocket for separating cycling essentials from your other gear

  • Flat valuables pocket for keys and wallet 

  • Top zippered pocket is waterproof with the Storm Shield down for electronics

  • Hi-Vis Storm Shield tucks away when not in use and zips down when needed for additional rain protection

  • Side panels have attachment webbing for a choice of multiple accessory side pockets 

  • 3-D Mesh back panel and ergonomic shoulder pads enhance comfort and stability and prevent load shifting

  • Available in Men's Medium and Large for a custom fit

  • Men's Size Chart

  • Harnesses & Back panels

  • Returns

Volume: Men's M/L: 2,250+ cu. in. Women’s S: 2,000+ cu. in.

Weight: Men's M/L: 3 lbs. 8 oz. Women’s S: 3 lbs. 6 oz.

Materials: 500-D Cordura sides, 1000-D Tex Nylon bottom and front, Hypalon reinforcement



Velotransit backpacks are made with an RF welded liner making the interiors 100% waterproof.

Multiple pockets accessories allow you to customize your pack.

Gender specific and sized harnesses give you a superior fit..

Cusomize your pack with our modular platform

Multiple accessories are available to customize your pack for your specific needs. From water bottle pockets to laptop pouches there are more than a dozen accessories you can choose from.

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Reviews for Edge 40 Waterproof Laptop Cycling Backpack
5 out of 5, based on 19 reviews
JR from Chicago, IL on Apr 17, 2017
I've had my Edge 40 pack for two years and it works as well now as it did the first day I used it. I use it daily on my commute to work while biking, as well as utilizing it while hiking and traveling. Great all-around pack that comes in handy when the weather gets nasty. I've used the rain shield multiple times and have never had any water make its way into the pockets. The multiple pockets allow for easy storage and compartmentalization depending on need, and the laptop holder is great to protect my computer when biking. Would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a comfortable pack that can handle daily use in multiple weather conditions.
Dave from New Orleans on Nov 30, 2015
I'm one of those people who can get a bit obsessive about carryology. When I set out to find a new backpack, I had several criteria: it needed to be waterproof, it needed to have an easy-access laptop compartment, and I needed to be able to stuff more than the allotted volume into it. Because I am occasionally rummaging through my bag in meetings, I also wanted it to have no velcro so that it wouldn't be noisy. I also wanted the hip strap to be really solid so that I could actually put the weight on my hips, as you are supposed to when carrying heavy loads.

the Edge 40 really knocked all of these goals out of the park. As everyone knows, it is waterproof. I love the rolltop; it's fun to use, and quick to open and close, and you can really stuff it to the brim and get things home (although that will of course compromise the waterproofness, but every bike ride isn't a deluge condition). The shoulder pads are really wonderful. Very few daypacks are designed with adjustable straps at the top of the shoulder pads, but this makes a huge difference if you are carrying something heavy downhill, and loosening them allows you to counter balance the weight. The hip straps are really substantial, and this is by far the best backpack I have ever worn on a bike. I also really appreciate the rain fly, although I have yet to use it in a heavy rain condition. The zippers are all high quality and don't catch. Using waterproof zippers might have been a nice touch, but unnecessary because if it's really raining hard I'll just pull the rain fly down.

There is a bit of room for improvement, but I'm talking really minor details that would make it the 100% ideal pack in my mind: it would be nice if it had included bilateral waterbottle pockets to store water bottles and also bike lights or gloves or other loose things i like to stuff in them. (accomplished this with the MOLLE accessory pocket, but would have been happy if it was included). Also, the external pockets can be hard to rummage through when fully packed; it would be nice if the zippers were a bit wider. A nice touch would be some 3M reflective material on some of the straps for night visibility. The external laptop compartment is a bit tight, and hard to slide a laptop in if the other pockets are stuffed. this could be remedied by reinforcing it, although the rolltop was so easy and fast that I've just gotten in the habit of putting my laptop in the main compartment of the pack.

Other than those really specific details, this is literally the best commuter pack on the market that i have found, hands down. It is cheaper than many of the other leading bike bag brands, and much better constructed. Of the boutique bike bag shops, I also find this one to be competitively priced, well-constructed, and perfectly suited to my needs in a backpack. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this bag to anyone asking me about backpacks.
jason wheeler from boston on Nov 10, 2015
I put an Edge 40 pack thru all sorts of hell between all weather motorcycle commuting in the USA and off the beaten track travel in Madagascar & Papua New Guinea. Monsoon level rain, river crossings, and general abuse were standard until some armed miscreants decided they wanted it more than me. I've traveled extensively thru almost a hundred countries and haven't used or seen another pack I would recommend over it. I wouldn't consider replacing it with another brand.
SpikedLemon from Canada on Sep 10, 2015
I've an older version that I've had for many many years. It has endured countless commutes on my motorcycle & bicycle and through various storms - and use it daily to and from work. I've never once worried about my laptop in the rain or even through the airport. The straps are very comfortable and have a lot of adjustment (be sure to tuck in the straps at speed as they can flap around if you've got them tight). The rain cover is a great addition but keep in mind that the front pockets are not waterproof and, although the rain cover does shield them from 99% of the weather: it will get a little damp in a storm. I've got two coffee carrying pods on the side of the pack that get used daily and have been invaluable in bringing my coffee from home to work (or wherever).

Overall: I've yet to find a backpack that compares to this one and if mine were to ever wear our or break: I would not hesitate to replace it with the same again.
Kam from Seattle on May 08, 2015
I purchased this during February this year from the shops new location in Notmandy Park. It's worth the trip if you are unsure which pack is suitable to your needs. Paul was extremely helpful and straight forward. This unit is not overly large, and not too small either. It is very light, so even when you only have a few things inside, it feels like air. The fit is AMAZING! I'm 6'1" and so the Large was my size. The straps help with my poor posture. They do run a bit long as I am a lean/athletic person. The hide-away cover for the front isn't just cool looking, but easily tucked away for dry days. Goes without saying that none of my personal items have ever gotten wet. It's so easy to unbuckle the top strap, swing around the pack with the bottom strap still connected, and I strap the top and drop whatever items you need inside. Or, have access to the top compartment. The bottom compartment can be accessed that way as well, but the fit is so great that I can reach around my back and unzip, reach item, and re-zip. All materials are top of the line and barely show wear. You won't find yourself readjusting the shoulder straps much because it counturs to your body so well. By far the best fitting backpack I've ever owned! The width of it allows me to flip the pack around to my front and sit comfortably on a crowded bus with my arms over the top. I also purchased their new side-attachment for large water bottles (like 32oz Powerade) and it's pretty good. You'll need that to keep hydrated, and even though you pay extra for it, the huge benefit it being able to remove it for times when you just won't need it...because it does add several inches to the side of the pack. I can easily take out a water bottle but usually have to slide a shoulder strap off to reinsert the bottle. The price shouldn't scare you. You are getting every dollars worth. Most of the commuter packs are so ugly and don't fit well and wear out prematurely. The Edge 40 is great for cycling; no, it's perfect! It won't bounce around on you even when maxing out your gear(s). Paul you truly are a master of your trade! You know exactly what we need in Seattle and put the best product out there. I encourage everyone around the world to recognize this amazing company.
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