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 Kira Jackson Hole, Wyoming on April 13,2018
I don't usually write companies to praise their products, but I have had my Velotransit bag since 2007 - that's over a decade - and it is still functioning as superbly as it was when I purchased it. 

This bag is amazing. Fully waterproof with easy access front pockets, tons of reflective strips for safety, and immensely comfortable for long rides or commutes. The comfort level is one of the things that make it really stand out - no matter what I stuff in there, nothing ever jabs into my back, and it works better than any other pack I've used when I am bent over my handlebars on my bike. Here's just a sampling of the places and things I have experienced with this backpack: 

1) Daily year round bike commute in the Pacific Northwest for 5 years, ranging from ~4 to ~20 miles a day. 

2) This was my carry-on and hiking bag when I traveled to New Zealand, Europe, and Antarctica (for work). 

3) This bag has been my bike commuter bag in all the places I've lived since I got it: Washington, Alaska, Colorado, Indiana, Massachusetts, and Wyoming. 

4) This bag has rafted the Snake River (and kept my stuff dryer than a leaky dry bag through class 3 rapids); gone ski touring in Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and Washington; toted my supplies up Mt. Baker by bicycle for the car-free ski-to-sea race and the Mt. Baker Hill Climb race; and held snacks, layers, and climbing gear for my summit of the Grand Teton in Wyoming, and Cathedral Peak in Yosemite. 

I guess I'm trying to say that it is much more than just a commuter backpack, but it is still a stellar commuter backpack! Thank you for making such an enduring and versatile product - I'm so glad I banked on a little bike-bag company over ten year ago, and was pleased to see that you are still making great bags now. 
 JR  Chicago, IL on Apr 17, 2017
I've had my Edge 40 pack for two years and it works as well now as it did the first day I used it. I use it daily on my commute to work while biking, as well as utilizing it while hiking and traveling. Great all-around pack that comes in handy when the weather gets nasty. I've used the rain shield multiple times and have never had any water make its way into the pockets. The multiple pockets allow for easy storage and compartmentalization depending on need, and the laptop holder is great to protect my computer when biking. Would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a comfortable pack that can handle daily use in multiple weather conditions.
Dave from New Orleans on Nov 30, 2015
I'm one of those people who can get a bit obsessive about carryology. When I set out to find a new backpack, I had several criteria: it needed to be waterproof, it needed to have an easy-access laptop compartment, and I needed to be able to stuff more than the allotted volume into it. Because I am occasionally rummaging through my bag in meetings, I also wanted it to have no velcro so that it wouldn't be noisy. I also wanted the hip strap to be really solid so that I could actually put the weight on my hips, as you are supposed to when carrying heavy loads. 

the Edge 40 really knocked all of these goals out of the park. As everyone knows, it is waterproof. I love the rolltop; it's fun to use, and quick to open and close, and you can really stuff it to the brim and get things home (although that will of course compromise the waterproofness, but every bike ride isn't a deluge condition). The shoulder pads are really wonderful. Very few daypacks are designed with adjustable straps at the top of the shoulder pads, but this makes a huge difference if you are carrying something heavy downhill, and loosening them allows you to counter balance the weight. The hip straps are really substantial, and this is by far the best backpack I have ever worn on a bike. I also really appreciate the rain fly, although I have yet to use it in a heavy rain condition. The zippers are all high quality and don't catch. Using waterproof zippers might have been a nice touch, but unnecessary because if it's really raining hard I'll just pull the rain fly down. 

There is a bit of room for improvement, but I'm talking really minor details that would make it the 100% ideal pack in my mind: it would be nice if it had included bilateral waterbottle pockets to store water bottles and also bike lights or gloves or other loose things i like to stuff in them. (accomplished this with the MOLLE accessory pocket, but would have been happy if it was included). Also, the external pockets can be hard to rummage through when fully packed; it would be nice if the zippers were a bit wider. A nice touch would be some 3M reflective material on some of the straps for night visibility. The external laptop compartment is a bit tight, and hard to slide a laptop in if the other pockets are stuffed. this could be remedied by reinforcing it, although the rolltop was so easy and fast that I've just gotten in the habit of putting my laptop in the main compartment of the pack. 

Other than those really specific details, this is literally the best commuter pack on the market that i have found, hands down. It is cheaper than many of the other leading bike bag brands, and much better constructed. Of the boutique bike bag shops, I also find this one to be competitively priced, well-constructed, and perfectly suited to my needs in a backpack. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this bag to anyone asking me about backpacks.
jason wheeler from Boston on Nov 10, 2015
I put an Edge 40 pack thru all sorts of hell between all weather motorcycle commuting in the USA and off the beaten track travel in Madagascar & Papua New Guinea. Monsoon level rain, river crossings, and general abuse were standard until some armed miscreants decided they wanted it more than me. I've traveled extensively thru almost a hundred countries and haven't used or seen another pack I would recommend over it. I wouldn't consider replacing it with another brand.
SpikedLemon from Canada on Sep 10, 2015
I've an older version that I've had for many many years. It has endured countless commutes on my motorcycle & bicycle and through various storms - and use it daily to and from work. I've never once worried about my laptop in the rain or even through the airport. The straps are very comfortable and have a lot of adjustment (be sure to tuck in the straps at speed as they can flap around if you've got them tight). The rain cover is a great addition but keep in mind that the front pockets are not waterproof and, although the rain cover does shield them from 99% of the weather: it will get a little damp in a storm. I've got two coffee carrying pods on the side of the pack that get used daily and have been invaluable in bringing my coffee from home to work (or wherever). 
Overall: I've yet to find a backpack that compares to this one and if mine were to ever wear our or break: I would not hesitate to replace it with the same again.
Kam from Seattle on May 08, 2015
I purchased this during February this year from the shops new location in Normandy Park. It's worth the trip if you are unsure which pack is suitable to your needs. Paul was extremely helpful and straight forward. This unit is not overly large, and not too small either. It is very light, so even when you only have a few things inside, it feels like air. The fit is AMAZING! I'm 6'1" and so the Large was my size. The straps help with my poor posture. They do run a bit long as I am a lean/athletic person. The hide-away cover for the front isn't just cool looking, but easily tucked away for dry days. Goes without saying that none of my personal items have ever gotten wet. It's so easy to unbuckle the top strap, swing around the pack with the bottom strap still connected, and I strap the top and drop whatever items you need inside. Or, have access to the top compartment. The bottom compartment can be accessed that way as well, but the fit is so great that I can reach around my back and unzip, reach item, and re-zip. All materials are top of the line and barely show wear. You won't find yourself readjusting the shoulder straps much because it counturs to your body so well. By far the best fitting backpack I've ever owned! The width of it allows me to flip the pack around to my front and sit comfortably on a crowded bus with my arms over the top. I also purchased their new side-attachment for large water bottles (like 32oz Powerade) and it's pretty good. You'll need that to keep hydrated, and even though you pay extra for it, the huge benefit it being able to remove it for times when you just won't need it...because it does add several inches to the side of the pack. I can easily take out a water bottle but usually have to slide a shoulder strap off to reinsert the bottle. The price shouldn't scare you. You are getting every dollars worth. Most of the commuter packs are so ugly and don't fit well and wear out prematurely. The Edge 40 is great for cycling; no, it's perfect! It won't bounce around on you even when maxing out your gear(s). Paul you truly are a master of your trade! You know exactly what we need in Seattle and put the best product out there. I encourage everyone around the world to recognize this amazing company.
Jono Rodgers from USA on Jan 20, 2014
Hand crafted, well designed backpack. I just purchased this backpack (from the manufacturer) and can already tell this is going to be my favorite pack for years to come. If you are lucky enough to live in Seattle and have the time to stop by VT's showroom/manufacture site, you will quickly understand why you don't want any other pack. I am currently rating this pack on construction, quality of materials, ease of use, design and fit, as I use it, I will update about it durability and ability to keep things dry. Seriously though, take the time to see one of these packs in person.
Steve Swenson from Baraboo, WI USA on Aug 13, 2013
I have only been using it for a couple of weeks and not tested it in the rain, but it appears to be very well constructed and thought through. I like the high visibility/rain panel and its ability to be folded away for better aesthetics. The harness is comfortable, I appreciate that the upper portion is separated from the backpack to accommodate the arch of the back. Looking forward to many good years from the pack. I really liked speaking to one of the guys in the shop who addressed all my questions prior to purchase. Thanks guys!
Luis Hevia from Maitland, FL USA on Jul 26, 2013
I can only say...kudos to the VT team! Finally a product that meets the needs of bikers that want a comfortable bag that can also be used for other activities. I received mine over a week ago and am loving it. The zippered stormshield is fantastic, bright enough that people can see you. I live in Florida and got rained the other day (and you know Florida rain is not Seattle's) and not a drop inside of the bag.
Customer service was also great, the staff helped me out in selecting the right bag. And they answered the phone on the spot! (When was the last time you talked to a human being when calling a customer service number?)
In any event, all I have are compliments to VT...the best of all is that is made in the USA. Yes, completely made here in the States, not just designed here and manufactured elsewhere. This is the real thing.
Keep up the great work!
Daniel Harkins from Vancouver, WA USA on Jul 21, 2013
I'm an avid cyclist in the Pacific Northwest. I have never been a fan of panniers or really anything that attaches to my bike for that matter. I have tried out several backpacks for commuting and cycling around town, but always had issues with them really bothering my lower back after long trips. After buying this bag, I have yet to have that problem. I've gone on several 30-50 mile rides wearing this backpack with a sizable load and it just works. It has amazing an amazing weight distribution. I would definitely say it is very economical. This bag also does a great job accommodating a wide variety of loads. I love the fact that it is roll top. I have stuffed it full of groceries several times, and I regularly use it to carry spare clothes and books, laptop, tablet, full-size u-lock and chain, toolkit, spare tube, patches, etc. Sure, it's a pricey bag. It comes with a lifetime warranty though, and it's made in the USA. I haven't actually put it's waterproof capabilities to any big tests. I have ridden in lighter rain and no problems thus far. I'm completely confident that it will keep the contents within safe and dry even during the largest of downpours. Very glad I found this bag.
Justin Bevilacqua from Washington, DC USA on Jun 22, 2013
This being my third VT purchase (one Edge 40, a metro 20 pannier, and now this metro 20) all within a month, I think it's safe to say I adore y'alls products. They are without a doubt the best constructed bag I have seen to date. As a member of the military I've seen some top quality gear, though the products from VT cast a long shadow over even the best. Having said this, your products have made me a customer for life.
Sincerely, Justin Bevilacqua
D. Dobson from USA on Jun 21, 2013 
I've been commuting to work by bike for going on 8-9 years now. I consider myself a year round rider, riding the minimum 10 miles (one way) trip through rural farms lands rain or shine, dead of winter and dark of night. I ride a variety of bikes, generally touring or mountain, one in awhile a track or road. The years and belly prevent me from getting into a serious tuck position, then again I'm not that anxious to race to work. Generally a meandering 12-15 mph in a "riding the hoods" position.
I've employed and evolved through multiple methods of transporting my stuff, which is generally a pair of khakis, a t-shirt, golf or button down shirt, socks and underwear. A small lunch, couple cans of soda. Some basic tools for tire changes and roadside issues. Over the years I've used messenger bags, sling packs, day bags, bags sold specfic to the cycling commuters, bags I though would work better or feel more comfortable. Recently I've been quite happy with a simple dry-sack pack I picked up at Wal-Mart, obstensibly for use during inclement weather, although I found the straps a bit on thin side.
I see the Velo Transit as an evolution of that WalMart dry-sack concept, a drysack now married to a much more ergonomic backplane and robust, well constructed shoulder straps. I've been using the pack daily now for over a month and find it almost flawless. The great, carnivourous main pocket swallows up all my stuff, I've yet to actually fill it. The vinyl interior takes a bit of getting use to when packing and unpacking, stuff doesn't slide as expected. ON the other hand, stuff doesn't seems to shift around as much either. Don't mistake this bag as something you'd use like an ordinary backpack, you don't want to be diving in and out of it all the time. Its made for getting stuff from Point A to Point B. You can't really root around inside of it trying to grab that item out of the bottom and the roll top closure, which works really well from the aspect of prevent rain intrusion isn't something you want to be opening and closing all the time.
That roll top closure works really nice from the standpoint of compressing the top of the bag down, so that with a moderate size load you have great visibility over your back. If you need to occasional space, its available, you just trade off some visibility for it.
A couple of well thought out pockets on the exterior allow you segregate items you might need quick access to: keys, wallet, ID, tools. Another pocket, sandwiched between the main body and aforementioned easy access pockets provides a place to carry file folders, notepads a tablet or small laptop.
The shoulder and waist straps are generously sized and well constructed, as is the entire pack. Plenty of adjustment in how the straps carry the pack. Tucked up at the top of the outside face is a hide away rain-shield which can shield the outer pockets is necessary. It's bright yellow color allows it to act as a visual safety aide if one so desires.
It took a couple of iterations to get the fit and feel right but I'm quite pleased with this bag and don't foresee replacing it any time soon.
Carl Haken from Brooklyn, NY USA on May 29, 2013
I really like this bag a lot. Really comfortable even with lots of weight, water resistance is necessary for my daily commute.
Alvaro Kretschmann from Mountain View, CA USA on May 04, 2013
I love this backpack. I bought it due to the capacity, the durability and also because is made in USA.
Linus Ping from USA on Apr 02, 2013
This is a great backpack for biking. It works very well if you are a student because of the perfect weight distribution while carrying it. Though the bag may be heavy with items inside it, I was really impressed at how easy it was on my back while carrying it. I have ridden around with it, carrying groceries, a laptop, and my lock, and everything was in tact.
I would recommend getting the pouch along with this. This is a great product and Velo Transit has my thanks for producing a very good product!
Lance Park from Santa Barbara, CA USA on Apr 02, 2013
While it does not really rain that often in Santa Barbara, I purchased this backpack for the reviews of its high quality. It is really comfortable to wear, despite the bag being filled with multiple items. I give the bag 5/5 stars. In addition to the Edge 40 backpack which I purchased, I bought the laptop sleeve. The sleeve is rather convenient to have. I like the cushioning there is at the bottom of the sleeve. I am happy overall with the products I have purchased from Velo Transit, and would recommend to a friend.
Bryan Paetsch from Seattle, WA USA on Jan 03, 2013
My first pack was an Ortlieb. I was happy with it for two years, except for the fact that there was one large compartment, and things like my phone, keys, and wallet were not easily accessible.
Then the velcro closure gave out on the Ortleib so I started looking around for something new.
I came across the VT site and was interested in their products. I was a little hesitant about the price at first. Then I noticed "Made in USA" - wow! is anything actually manufactured in the US anymore...well, their products are. I looked a little further and noticed they are made in Seattle just south of downtown where I work.
One day during lunch I took a trip to their store. They have a small retail area, and shelves with finished bags ready to ship, but most of the shop is set up for cutting and sewing.
That's about as made in the USA as it gets.
I tried out a few bags, and decided on the Edge 40. I have been using the bag for about 8 months now. I use it on my daily commute, and a few weeks ago was the wettest day of the year in Seattle. Cars were sending waves of water over me as they drove past through the lakes of water that had backed up onto the road. I arrived soaked to the bone, but everything inside my bag was perfectly dry.
The bag fits the curvature of your back. Even when I pack it full (or overpack it sometimes) it is comfortable to wear. Another huge plus is the over-shoulder visibility. The top corners fold down when you close the bag, making it easier to glance behind as you are riding.
There is nothing I would change about the bag. I love it. It's simply the best in my opinion.
Next I'll be adding some accessories...laptop pouch, bottle holder, mesh bag.
Aaron Bishop from Provo, UT USA on Sep 07, 2012
Comfortable, spacious, an all around great pack. You can fit tons of stuff in the back and the cinch down top will keep it dry. It's pretty much a rafting dry pack made for your back - with extra pockets.
Nicholas from Davison, MI USA on Sep 05, 2012
This backpack is like 5 or 7 times larger then my old backpack I have purchased 4 month's ago for $89.99 at R.EI.com . The Velo Transit Edge 40 backpack is WAY worth the money with 4 compartments in front and the huge Main one on top that closes for a 100% waterproof backpack. Now I can transport a lot more groceries, Clothes, and any type of equipment I may need for the long cycle. I sometime's ride to my little brother's in Waterford, MI and I live in Davison, MI. (34.75 Mile's 2:50 minutes with rest stop's in.) Average 20 M.P.H.
Found 20 tennis ball's on side of road (Brand New one's from how they looked) that took very little space up at bottom of the Velo Backpack, "Very nice".
The big strap at bottom is very nice I like and the middle one work's well, "Definitely a lot of adjustment straps on this page that also like a lot". Finally I found a perfect pack for my year round cycling. I am a serious cyclist that cycling is my Main transportation seeing I am on Social Security and am unable to work do to medical condition's so having a vehicle is just a waste of money. This is no ordinary backpack if you are a serious rider like myself.
Paul Ruiz from Seattle, WA USA on Apr 06, 2012
I have the Edge 40 which, as implied, is 10 liters larger than the Edge 30 but otherwise identical. As a daily, year round bike commuter in Seattle, I spend a fair bit of time riding in the rain. I carry a laptop every day and have been through some downpours and never worry about a thing with this bag. I also do all of my grocery shopping by bike and can fit a cases of beer and food for dinner in the bag and not worry about it breaking and with all that weight, it's still comfortable. My previous bag was an ortlieb messenger which had lots of room but wasn't near as comfortable and I was always digging around the bottom for stuff. Love the ample pockets on this bag.