After you decide to use a cycling backpack for your bike commute rather than a bike pannier, you need to consider the following; 1.Is it waterproof? 2. Will it hold my laptop securely? 3. What volume should it be? 4. Is it comfortable to carry and will it fit me? 5. Can I customize it with accessories to fit my needs? 6. Does it clear my helmet when I ride and can I see behind me when I turn my head? 7. Will I be visible in traffic? Fortunately, Velotransit has incorporated all of these considerations into building our backpacks. 100% waterproof welded liners are built into every pack and pannier. Accessory laptop pouches and multiple side pockets let you customize your pack to your needs. Highly ergonomic, sized and gender specific harnesses give you unparalleled comfort and fit because one size fits no-one. Our lids and roll tops are specially designed to keep clear of you line of sight and multiple strobe attachment points and available bright colors help you stand out in traffic. All of this as well as durable fabrics and bombproof construction go into each and every backpack and pannier we make. Built right here in our own factory, we are proud to sew in the Made In Seattle label.