Front Lash Straps for packs

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A set of 3 Front Lash Straps attaches to the side D Ring buckles on the Edge 30 and 40, Gear bags 30 & 40 and Module 25. These straps allow you to lash on extra gear to the front of your backpack, such as: wheels, foam pads, boxes, tubes, etc.

Reviews for Front Lash Straps for packs
5 out of 5, based on 4 reviews
Nathaniel Link from Albuquerque, NM USA on Apr 29, 2013
Lash straps fit on in a snap - make quick work of attaching bulky items (bike wheels for a trip to the shop, lawn chairs etc.).
Katelyn Ferreira from Brantford, ON CANADA on Apr 28, 2013
These straps are such a smart idea! Attach them when you need to lash a large bulky item to your pack, remove them when you don't need them for a sleek looking bag! I have carried a rear rack, tire, big and bulky baby shower present all on the back of my pack by using these straps!
Norman Matias from Staten Island, NY USA on Jan 07, 2013
I've used the front lash straps for packages weighing up to 15 pounds so far and even with a cumulative weight of 20 pounds give or take 3 extra pds, it was a comfortable ride for my shoulders and back, which is testament on behalf of how well the backpack was made: well designed for bearing loads. I do not know how well the straps will fare if loaded with more weight though. I imagined it will probably be able to hold a package around 20-25 pounds and max out at around the high 20s.
Ryan Harrison from Seattle, WA USA on Apr 17, 2012
The lashing straps were perfect for hauling this filing system.  I would have had to have my trailer to make this work otherwise, and that would have been overkill.  It was so secure and steady that I hardly noticed the overhanging load while riding, even with the wind we had yesterday.  
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