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Edge 30 Backpack

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The Edge series urban laptop backpacks are our most popular commuter packs. Nylon exterior panels are exceedingly durable, and a waterproof welded liner and flexible, tailored harness system keeps your belongings dry and secure on your toughest commute. 2,250+ cu. in. of capacity carries all of your essentials without extra bulk, and multiple accessory pockets keep your tools, gloves, and electronics separated so you spend less time digging through your pack.

  • 100% waterproof sonic-welded liner completely protects the interior of the pack

  • An available accessory laptop pouch  with ½” Evazote closed-cell foam protects your laptop by absorbing vibration and impact

  • Full length, zippered pocket for your tablet or e-reader

  • Volumetric tool pocket for separating cycling essentials from your other gear

  • Flat valuables pocket for keys and wallet

  • Top zippered pocket is 100% waterproof with the Storm Shield down for electronics

  • Hi-Vis Storm Shield tucks away when not in use and zips down when needed for additional rain protection

  • Side panels have attachment webbing for a choice of multiple accessory side pockets 

  • 3-D Mesh back panel and ergonomic shoulder pads enhance comfort and stability and prevent load shifting

  • Available in Men's Medium and Large and Women's Small for a custom fit

  • Men's Size Chart

  • Harnesses & Back panels

  • Returns

Volume: Men's M/L: 2,000+ cu. in. Women’s S: 1,750+ cu. in.

Weight: Men's M/L: 3 lbs. 6 oz. Women’s S: 3 lbs. 4 oz.

Materials: 500-D Cordura sides, 1000-D Tex Nylon bottom and front, Hypalon reinforcement

Reviews for Edge 30 Backpack
5 out of 5, based on 13 reviews
Hobbes from New York City, NY on May 26, 2014
To start, I got the Men's medium Edge 30 in black.

Highly durable backpack- I ride a lot in the rain and even when I took a few spills and skidded on concrete, this pack took a beating and only came out with a few neglible tears that were easily patched using the following: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0045CQELI/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
The construction of all parts of the pack appear to be designed to bear heavy weight and endure long term, repetitive movements (e.g. durable zippers, straps that are not prone to fraying, etc)

The pack absolutely met my needs in terms of it being water proof. The main roll top compartment is completely secure. What sold me was a youtube video of a guy waterskiing with this pack with a laptop in it. His laptop came out dry as a bone. Personally tested, I've used this to commute to and from work during torrential downpours and even when I didn't have a fender on the rear wheel!! The external pockets are not waterproof (except for the smallest pocket at the bottom which has loops for your lights) but if you use the rolltop, those pockets will be completely secure from water save for complete submersion.

Beyond its durability, it's highly functional (and SUPER comfortable) as well. The narrow base allows me to peek behind myself and have an unobstructed view of traffic behind me. The back is reinforced with a lightweight square plastic plate so the pack retains its shape no matter how much gear you put in it. The waist and sternum straps keep the pack very secure to you so even on a bumpy ride or jerking around, the pack doesn't feel like it's jumping all over the place. The compression strap directly below the roll top keeps my things from jostling about even if I don't fully load the pack. My pack came with little vertical reflector strips that attached to the loops where your night blinkers would clip onto. I've used the optional front lashes for securing large boxes to the pack and I gotta say... this is probably one of my favorite features of this backpack.

The ONLY thing that I would change would be the loops for the lights and this is purely my preference. I would have preferred them to be vertical so I could clip my lights upright and have them less likely to fall out. This is easily enough corrected though by putting a rubber band around the clip to prevent it from slipping off. I make sure to check the rubber band regularly though because the constant wet / drying off of the rubber band will make the rubber brittle.

Altogether, this pack is absolutely awesome. I would *highly* recommed.
Wayne Chan from Växjö, Sweden on Sep 02, 2013
I had my last cycling pack 20+ years and knew what I wanted in a pack. No zippers, waterproof, extra pockets, space for my U-lock, and comfortable. The Edge 30 had all of these features and more. Heaps of space for my daily commute into town, to hold a rain jacket, lunch, cell phone, wallet. I ride almost every day to work and I absolutely love the comfort of this pack. It's just the right length for my back and the shoulder straps are very comfortable. And I might just have the only Edge in Sweden... nice! Thanks Velo Transit.
Belinda from Kensington, MD USA on Jul 09, 2013
Thanks for spending time on the phone helping figure out the most appropriate bag - it was a gift so I had all sorts of questions. Came quick, responsive, thank you!!
Thomas Ertman from Missouri, MI USA on Jun 14, 2013
I've had at least a dozen backpacks over the years and I'd have to say I'm impressed both with the design and versatility of this thing. The pockets are perfectly arranged to carry a variety of things. The upper pockets I carry my droid tablet and kindle usually and the bottom pockets I stash my bike tools. I've put ice in this main compartment and used it as an impromptu beer cooler...no problem! I can easily fit two changes of clothes in this (pants not shorts) plus an extra pair of shoes and shaving stuff, bike tools, spare tube, a few books... I even do grocery runs with this
It did take some fiddling with to get the strap adjustments right, but whatever I'm carrying certainly feels better on my back than any other backpack I've used...AND i can see over my shoulder in my helmet mirror! I wouldn't say that it's less sweaty on the back than any other pack i've used, but I think that overall I am definitely please with it.
Mike Lear from Richmond, VA USA on May 10, 2013
I owned my ReLoad messenger bag for nine years and it still shows very little wear. But I wanted a backpack and I didn't like theirs. So I searched online for over a year. No kidding. I studied every pack made. Tumi, Hammarhead Industries, Goruck.... It came down to my Edge 30 and I could not be happier. American made and waterproof. I'll have this for years and years.
John Spoden from Seattle, WA USA on May 08, 2013
Commuted in to work for the first time this year...I love my new pack! Even though the weather hasn't challenged it yet, it felt light on my back...a natural fit. Thanks so much for the thoughtful design, the personal attention, and the warranty! I look forward to using it on many more rides for years to come.
Katelyn Ferreira from Brantford, ON CANADA on Apr 28, 2013
I got this bag in December and have used it daily! The bag is the most comfortable bag ever. You guys nailed this one with comfort! It took 4 months of constant use riding to work, but I finally got to test out the waterproofness of this pack. April showers hit hard and I was prepared! This pack kept everything dry in the main compartment as well as the outside with the rainfly zipped down! I was extremely impressed.
The colour I chose was the orange! Nice bright and visible to the drivers on the road. If I'm working the night shift, I ride in with the rainfly zipped on. The yellow of the rainfly is added visibility!
The pockets on this pack are great. The bottom front holds my multitool, gloves, head band, spare tube, etc. The pocket behind holds my wallet, and work calendar. The front top pocket holds all my misc items such as cell, chapstick, spork, ipod, receipts, etc. The lengthy pocket behind hold my pay stubs and my u-lock!
Thanks for making the perfect pack!
Peter Bartzen from Sheboygan, WI USA on Feb 02, 2013
This bag conforms and hugs your back while still breathing (used in super humid southern Florida). I have Velo Transit panniers for my commuter that I am extremely happy with and needed something for when I'm on my road or mountain bike without racks so I can still carry things. The bright flourescent inside is great for visibility digging around in the bag. The great rolltop and zip down bright cover to keep things dry. There are plenty of pockets and a good one for your U-lock. There are even places to mount a taillights to the back. Another flawless design made in the states by Velo Transit, I love this company! I can't wait to use it in the snow when I'm back in Wisconsin.
Diana Fowler from Campbell, CA USA on Jun 30, 2012
It was exactly what my grandson wanted, the color, all the pockets, etc. He was thrilled with it. A very nice young man explained very thoroughly what it was all about so that I knew that I had gotten exactly what I had ordered. Thank you for such a good product & great customer service.
Ryan Harrison from Seattle, WA USA on Jun 18, 2012
I came upon this bag unexpectedly and at the right time. I live in Seattle, and happened upon Velo Transit's inconspicuous industrial shop in the twilight of my Ortlieb, that was eating itself from the inside out. It's concept was simple, which I had liked, but the fit and attention to detail was simplistic. This is when I spied for the first time, the VT Edge 30, the antithesis of my now former bag. As a daily cyclist, running errands between work and home, this pack has been my swiss arm knife. The pockets are so well laid out that I can reach several of them without removing the bag, such as those containing my wallet, keys and phone, all of which I'm often accessing. The outer top holds my spare gloves, U-lock and lashing straps with room to spare. This is the easiest pocket to reach when the bag is off, which is perfect for these items. The pocket in front of this is super clever in that it stashes my iPad beautifully and just as well, some nice analog books or a thin binder or note pad. I don't have to do open heart surgery on my bag in the cafe to get to a book. The main compartment is the perfect size for my food, clothes and other bulky items, that when distributed, go unnoticed on my back. The hardware and stitchery on this beauty is top of the line. Monster YKK zippers do not get jammed and are easy to grab with gloved hands. In the four months i've owned this bag through a anything goes winter into a wet spring and with my not so gentle ways, it shows no weak point of construction. It's just well thought out and bomb proof, period. And I can't leave this review without a word on ergonomics. This bag is bliss on the back with it's sculpted contour and shoulder straps that spread the load nicely and without digging in to your sides. I'd go as far as to say, it hugs you. U.S. made, waterproof, comfortable and versatile, make the VT Edge 30 a keeper.
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